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Tuck and Boo Beckstoffer

Tuck Beckstoffer Estate, Vintners

If you respect great wine made by great people, then you know Tuck and Boo Beckstoffer, the gracious vintners of Tuck Beckstoffer Estate.

Tuck Beckstoffer arrived in the Napa Valley as a young boy in 1975 and was told to go play outside. He has been drawing inspiration from local vineyards ever since. Tuck’s humble beginnings as a farmer ring true in his wines. He is driven by a legacy of cultivating some of the world’s finest vineyards. His 30 years of working, living, and breathing the Napa Valley have rooted him to the land and the vine. Tuck crafts wines which marry old world techniques with new world grapes. Each wine in the portfolio highlights a vineyard appellation, and the winemaking style is an elegant balance of power and finesse. As a farmer Tuck believes that a wine’s individuality comes from the vineyard and its complexity from blending the various lots into one harmonized whole.

After the 2016 acquisition of the former Dancing Hares Vineyards, Tuck not only renamed the winery and property Tuck Beckstoffer Estate, but set about making the estate a studio for state of the art winemaking and a gracious home to welcome guests. Working with acclaimed winemaker Philippe Melka on their Mockingbird, Amulet, and Semper wines has further elevated these already venerated wines. His ’75 Wines, named for the year of his arrival in the Valley, brings his experience and expertise to consumers at restaurants and bottle shops around the country. On a lark for his wife Boo’s favorite charity, The High Museum Atlanta, Tuck donated a custom made wine for friend Chef Linton Hopkins’ whole hog pig roast. The now infamous Hogwash Rosé was born, and after almost 15 vintages, demand hasn’t slowed down since.

Just as Tuck’s perspective is rooted in the Napa Valley, Boo remains true to her native Atlanta in her gracious hospitality and Southern literary leanings. After moving to the Napa Valley with The Hillstone Group (Houston’s) Boo found herself far away from Peachtrees. After depositing her Business school applications in the mail she headed to a restaurant to celebrate . . . where she promptly met Tuck. Boo’s post-graduate dreams shifted to mastering the world of wine. Almost two decades, three children, several vineyards and a winery later, Boo thrives when she’s sharing the story of their wines. Their pairing has never been more apparent than in their singular focus on creating unmatched estate wines that generations to come will enjoy.

With his Napa Valley heritage in mind Tuck charges forward in crafting world-class wines utilizing a grower’s history, a farmer’s humility, and vintner’s hand. Together, Tuck and Boo are writing the next chapter of the Napa Valley’s epic narrative.


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